Bar-Ax is an independent cultural organization created to boost the freedom of music in Iran and to enhance the artistic freedom of musicians in Iran. We aim to be a major knowledge and promotion centre for the contemporary and alternative (non-mainstream) music of Iran. Our mission is to propagate and enhance the position of Iran musical life, both nationally and internationally.


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Bar-Ax plays a coordinating and stimulating role between Iranian alternative musicians and national and international music arenas by supporting, communicating, and most importantly, by liaising with international music festivals. Home to many different partners active in the music sector, Bar-Ax aspires to be a unifying factor for the freedom of expression in music.

Bar-Ax directs activities related to its primary responsibilities of promotion (national and international), creating interaction and giving body to the right of expression in music.

Given the size and complexity of the music field, Bar-Ax also envisions a key role for itself as a neutral umbrella organization with an overview of the Iranian music sector.

Bar-Ax documentary films section focuses on promotion of Iran’s documentary films abroad and assistance to the Iranian filmmakers to present their films to the wide audience.

Source: the Bar-Ax website

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