Group of Iranian women artists

The creation of DENA in 2001 aimed at introducing Iranian women artists to Iran and abroad as professionals with independent voice and different outlooks. In this perspective, DENA embodies three generations of artists with diverse facets, styles and backgrounds.
The name DENA, is taken from a mountain peak in the heart of the beautiful Iranian landscape. This name represents their respect for nature, the primary source of life and creativity.


DENA exhibition in Zanjan, Iran - Image taken from the DENA website .

DENA organizes exhibitions to introduce paintings of Iranian women artists to the world. We aspire to exchange and keep up with women artists and art lovers from around the world, through corresponding exhibitions.
We would like to support and encourage young Iranian women artists who begin to walk the difficult yet exciting path of art. Our aim is also to show appreciation and respect for all Iranian women professional artists who have already been traveling this road for some time.

1- DENA's cooperation in organizing exhibitions:
DENA has organized and participated in several exhibitions in Iran and abroad. These include shows with other professional women groups as well as exhibitions with the participation of guest artists invited by DENA:

2001 Isphahan contemporary women artists exhibition, Cultural Center of Istua, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Finish group of artists exhibition(VISU), Isphahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Isphahan, Iran

2- Workshops:
DENA organizes workshops in different cities to reach out to women of all ages and nationalities in a creative and constructive way. We encourage women to participate in these workshops to find some emotional comfort and support to improve their self confidence and psychological strength to better face the hardship brought upon them by immigration, war, poverty and other social mishaps

Source: the DENA artgroup website.

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