Silk Road Photography and Art Gallery

the first photography gallery in town


Reza Paydari: No Entry - taken from the Silk Road website

The Silk Road Gallery was established in Tehran in December 2001 to bring together and promote the works of the increasing number of Art Photographers who have been emerging in Iran over the past decade.
Art photography in Iran has exploded into a real and growing movement exploring all aspects of life in these extraordinary times. The artistic talent of these young people is generating a unique record of life here and has attracted great attention internationally.
It was to focus and organize this movement that Silk Road was established as the first gallery exclusively for photography in Iran.
Recently the Gallery has opened its doors to other kinds of art and sculptors, painters, video artists and others have found a new space to express themselves.
The Gallery has taken part in many international art fairs in order to promote the work of Iranian photographers and other artists.
Opening hours : Saturday to Wednesday from 11AM to 7PM, Thursday from 5 to 8 PM.

Source: Silk Road.

Contact information

  • Silk Road Photography and Art Gallery
  • 103 Lavasani St
  • 19368-39631
  • Tehran
  • IR