Café 78

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Cafe 78 - Photo by Syma Sayyah

Five years ago on 28th July 2003, despite all the odds Café 78 was opened by Mehrva Arvin and during this period it has become of the most interesting and talked about central meeting place of artists, good friends, writers and scholars in Tehran.

This cafe serves exceptional nice teas, herbal and special teas and Sherbet [Sharbat] as well as tasty toasted sandwiches.

Recently we were delighted to learn that on Fridays they now do brunches as well and you get a choice of different omelets, bread, espresso and a cup of fresh fruits as the set brunch and of course you can have their usual wonderful snacks and great mixed salads - I love their Greek salad- and different pastas. They might be considered by some Iranian appetites to be a snack but for many of us it is sufficient for a light lunch or dinner.

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  • Café 78
  • S Shahid Azodi (S. Aban) Ave
  • Tehran
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