Taskovski Films

Independent film production in Prague and London

Prague is the satellite office of this film house based in London. They specialize in independent films and work hard to welcome innovative, playful and risky forms of filmmaking capable of engaging and surprising audiences. They have made quite a name for themselves in the independent film circuit thanks to the leadership of it's founder, Irena Taskovski


From the film Czech Peace - Currently in production. Image taken from their website . As part of their Missile Defense project, the US plan to locate a military base in the Czech Republic, which used to serve as a hideaway for the Soviet nuclear rockets during the Cold War. 70% of Czechs are against the project; the government, however, proceeds with the talks… Supporters of the base use threats of the War on Terror, saying “Rogue states” can’t wait to shower the country with rockets. Opponents claim the same thing will…

The company's main activities are: development, financing and co-producing documentary and feature films, promotion and sales, and festivals and production services. Their portfolio includes film Rene, the winner of the European Academy Award – Prix Arte 2008, and other internationally awarded and recognized films.

Source: Tasakovski Films.

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