Laterna Magika

Multimedia Theatre

Laterna Magika incorporates film projection and live-stage medias such as dance, sound, pantomime, black theatre, etc. They are in constant search for new ways to narrate a story by using different themes and incorporating innovative medias as well.


A performance at Laterna Magika - Image taken from a website highlighting entertainment in Prague

Laterna magika counts its history since the year 1958. The first period, created by the director Alfred Radok and stage-designer Josef Svoboda began at the world exhibition EXPO 58 in Brussels, Belgium. The second period was presented on the EXPO 67 in Montreal, Canada and as well as on the EXPO 70 in Osaka, Japan and with these performances travelled the theatre through the world. In the half of seventieth became Laterna magika the part of the National Theatre in Prague, on the head with the artistic director Josef Svoboda, who was at the beginning of this special medium, which does not use the words, only the combination of film projection and life stage media?s - dance, sound, lights, pantomime, black-theatre e.t.c. There is a basic effort which is creating the face of Laterna magika till today - searching of the way to a specific theatre which is able to narrate a story by using of different themes and medias as well.

Source: their website

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