Karvana Y

Bar and Restaurant at the Ypsilon Theatre

Meet for a drink and possibly a Vaudeville-style show at the Karvana Y located in the Ypsilon Theatre. This theatre is known for having a special kind of humor that uses song and lyric to play with their audience


Studio Ypsilon - Logo found on ypsilonka .

The café is crawling with students, part of Studio Ypsilon and their new generation of actors which is just another element to Divadlo Ypsilon that works in the framework of Damu - the Conservatory of Performing Arts in Prague. The café is cosy in atmosphere and if you're interested in schmoozing with some actors it's not a bad place to be. There are also ads for upcoming performances scattered over any unused counter or table space.
Divadlo Ypsilon was actually founded in Liberec in Northern Bohemia, but the Theatre moved to where was considered the crossroads of culture, Prague in 1978. Without a doubt the theatre in its early days was known for its cutting edge approach to creation and highly influenced the progress of Czech Theatre. Artistic director Jan Schmid introduced a different timing to Czech theatre by incorporating the fundamentals of montage, adding almost a filmic element to his directing. Another interesting aspect is the director is also a painter, which is evident in his productions by bringing to stage design simultaneous use of space. In fact he created a lot of the set design himself and in the halls of the theatre are numerous murals inspired from plays of the past.

Source: their website

Contact information

  • Karvana Y
  • Spálená 16
  • 110 00 Praha 1
  • Prague
  • CZ