Godown Art Center

Art Center affiliated with the Kuona Trust in Nairobi

The Godown Arts Centre brings together the visual and the performing arts for the first time ever in Nairobi and boasts studios for leading visual artists plus a theatre, a puppet workshop and rehearsal space for dancers.


Sanaa Noma Festival at Godown - Image taken from GGMNews article about Kenyan Street Art.

The idea of creating a truly Kenyan base to support local artists was initiated in March 2001, by a group drawn from the visual arts, theatre arts, dance and puppetry. In time, the Group expanded to include acrobatics, musicians and film-makers.

Kuona Trusts, which is spearheading the visual arts presence at the Godown, has ten studios under construction. About seven of these studios will be leased out to leading Kenyan artists at subsidized rates while the remaining studios will be reserved for visiting artists from around the world who will be attending Kuona Trusts’ artist-in-residency programme which will give the visiting artists a chance to fully explore the Kenyan art scene.

The new art studios at the Godown will be a studio space where the more established artists aspire to, releasing the pressure of space at the museum art studio, which has over the years become rather congested.

Curently, the Godown is developing programmatic, governance and fundraising frameworks to help secure its organizational and financial sustainability in the long term.

Source: Kuona Trust

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