Performing arts organisation in Nairobi

Sarakasi means acrobatics/circus in Kiswahili. The Sarakasi Trust (Sarakasi) was formally established in December 2001 in Nairobi. Sarakasi aims to respond to the need for further development and promotion of culture and art in various forms and shapes in the widest sense.


Allstars 2007 performance - Taken from their website

Sarakasi Trust is East Africa's largest performing arts organization. It assists hundreds of acrobats, dancers and musicians in developing their skills. They are not just a platform for artists to improve their professional techniques but also serve as a place for social development. They have existed since 2001 and with the help of their donors continue to achieve their objectives. They stage a free concert, dubbed Sawa Sawa Festival, every year for Kenyans which provides entertainment and allows local performers to exhibit their immense talent.

Sarakasi Trust is a household name in Kenya associated with international exchange programs. They are dedicated to setting standards in the entertainment business by providing knowledge to artists on legal issues.

Source: Sarakasi.

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