Osteria del Chianti

One of the best restaurants in Nairobi

Although recommending an Italian restaurant in Nairobi may sound a bit strange, Osteria del Chianti is known as one of the nicer spots to relax, have a nice meal and share laughs with some local friends.


antipasti plate - Image taken from a UK food site

Excellent food and relatively quick service. Their pasta is great, as are their pizzas. Dinner will set you back about 15€ a head, which is expensive for Nairobi.

This joint gets busy around lunchtime and even busier in the evenings. The Osteria is the favourite lunch time hangout of the legal fraternity and for the well-heeled professional crowd of Nairobi. Parking is sufficient at lunchtime but gets rather packed in the evenings when the Casablanca club next door starts jumping.

Source: an article about the restaurant

Contact information

  • Osteria del Chianti
  • Lenana Road
  • Nairobi
  • KE