Gezi Festival

Grand Finale

15 Dec 2013

We are closing PARK with a big one-day international arts festival. See 9 different concerts, learn how to dance Taksim-style, cook together, collect food and clothes for refugees and much more. Dress up warmly and join us. Freely accessible for everyone.


Halay workshop - Dancing together in the Gezi Park at Mediamatic Rosanne Schenk

Program of Gezi Festival

13:00 ­- 14:00 Collective cooking in Gezi Park with Filipin Kitchen Jam (music + cooking)
Cook together in a musical kitchen! (Please follow the announcements on the wall!)

13:15 Gezi’den Amsterdam’a (film screening, *Only available in Turkish!)
Deniz Başer, Ohannes Karakaş, Kıvılcım Pınar ve Ata Güner’den 2013 yazında Türkiye'de başlayan Gezi sürecinin Hollanda'daki Türkiyeli toplum üzerindeki etkilerini ve Hollanda Forumları'nın evrilme sürecini anlatan bir belgesel, 2013 Hollanda yapımı, 27 dakika.

14:00 Fidan (concert)

14:30 Hüseyin Badıllı Trio (concert)

15:00 Open Podium 1 (collective concert)

15:45 Break

16:00 Alevi Spirit was in Gezi! (concert)
Burak Dolutaş and Devrim Demir play and sing Alevi songs in their authentic tone and flavor.

16:30 The Book (film screening + open discussion by Demet Adıgüzel)

17:30 Gezi Collective Cleaning 1

17:45 How to dance in Taksim Square (workshop by Barbaros Tartan)
Dance workshop mainly on ‘halay’ a style of dance from Eastern Turkey that builds upon being together & collective, and one of the most observed dances during Gezi occupation.

18:15 Babak­o­doestan (concert)

18:45 Access to Anxiety (theater play by Melih Gençboyacı)

19:15 Break

19:30 Rast Trio (concert)

20:00 Open Podium 2 (collective concert)

20:45 Gezi Collective Cleaning

21:00 Stranger Blues Band (concert)

21:30 Canta Luz (concert + dance show)

22:15 Break

22:30 Creole Stomp (concert)

23:00 DJ Ata (music + dance)

  • Open podiums are powered by Marije Nie (, Mehmet Polat (, Meliha Doğuduyal (, Monir Goran (, Ufuk Lüker (, and many others...

The Whole Day Going on...

­Collective Buffet and Collective Bar
Everyone brings some food and drinks to the festival and they are collected here to be shared. Then we all eat and drink together for free!
Exchange Market
Bring things you do not use anymore and that are still usable. Take things that, you think, will be useful for you for free! * We will donate the remaining market items to the refugee group “Wij Zijn Hier”.
Hearing (our) History ­ Writing the Future
Sound Installation by Sharon Stewart in the glass house.
Preview an upcoming documentary: Safar
Gudubik for nOw
Installation / exposition by and around the barricade consisting of numerous pieces of posters, illustrations, paintings, drawings, masks­objects, Gezi altar ­­ decor for Capuleysin Dens Formeysin, dance theater group.
Visit stands of different activist groups and projects: Wij Zijn Hier, Solidarity for the Philippines ­ Linangan Art and Culture Network, Animal Care Project, ...

Besides this, we will collect food and warm clothes for the refugees to take home. So bring your old jackets, sweatshirts, shoes, and your favorite (or most forgotten) foods.

More information

Entrance for free. Doors open at 13:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam.