Independent culture festival

Incubate is the annual celebration of independent culture in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts. It brings more than 200 cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Refreshing art next to inspiring debate.


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We Are Incubate

theme 2011

We Are Incubate focuses on cooperation. On the way artists work and the role of the public in creative collaboration within independent culture. From 12 to 18 September 2011 Incubate presents concerts, movies, exhibitions, master classes and lectures on different locations in the center and surroundings of Tilburg, the Netherlands. More than one hundred people have submitted work for the Open Source Expo, sixty pianos are placed in Tilburg and its surroundings and more than twenty people present live radio during the festival. All these projects are part of, and accessible during, Incubate.

Line Up

After School Avant Garde, Dimitar Solakov met "Youth", Dj/Rupture met The Soy Waltz, @ducate posterproject, Lost Painters met The Lost Relay, New Jacks 3.0, Luke Jerram met Play Me, I'm Yours, MOMO, Nick Helderman, Open Source Expo, Peter Fengler & Hans Zimmerman, VR/Urban met SMSlingshot, Whatspace / Let's Jam, Wineke Gartz

Amer, Goodbye Mr Christie, Hydra Decapita, Invertebrate, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Paul Clipson, Lazarov, Long Live the New Flesh, Makino Takashi, Noise and Resistance, NOVA - the film, PressPausePlay, Stardust, The Ill Mannered Milkman, The Magus, Trash Humpers, We Don't Care About Music Anyway, White Lightnin', Open Source Film, Re-Edited, Solar Cinema

I Almost Love You, It’s Definitely The Spiritual Thing, Open Source Dance – Space That Must Be Filled

DIY Conference met Michael Azerrad, Bill Drummond, Steve Ignorant, MOMO, Slava Rubin en vele anderen, Uit de Broedstoof (From The Incubator) met A.H.J. Dautzenberg and Klaus Beyer

A Grave With No Name, Alasdair Roberts, Alexander Tucker, Alpinist, Amagortis, Anchor, Andy T, Anne Frank Zappa, Antilles, Apneu, Aura Noir, Austra, Author & Punisher, Baby Dee, Battle of the Recorders / Battle of the Blokfluit, Battles, Beard, Ben UFO, Benton, Bert on Beats, Bird, Boddika, Bong-Ra, Bots, Brackles, Brasstronaut, Brother JT, Bubtek, Burning Yellows, Capillary Action, Celeste, Charles Gayle, Chris Corsano, Christine Sehnaoui, Codasync, Constitu Sound, Contakt, Cryptic Salve Band, Daedelus, Daggers, Danava, Dark Castle, David Heartbreak, Dead Neanderthals, Defeated Sanity, Demdike Stare, Dennis Tyfus, Dignan Porch, Dj Madd, Dj Patchman Marco, Dj Quien, DJ UMB, DMDN, Dom Perignon, Donné et Desirée, Elgato, Elke Meirsman, EMA, Esben and the Witch, Eve Libertine & Charles Webber, Felix Kubin, Fleck, Floris Vanhoof, Flying Horseman, Ford & Lopatin, Gallops, Ganglians, Gerard Herman, GG Skeng, Ghosts on Tape, Ginger Kid, Girl Unit, Girlseeker, Glen Hansard, Gold Kids, Goldblade, Gorgasm, Gruppe 80, Han Bennink, Handsome Furs, HEALTH, Henk & Melle, Herder, Heretic, Herrek, Holy Other, Hope Masike, Horst aan de Massive, Jackmaster, John Edwards, Julio Bashmore, Karina ESP, Kerouac, Ketzer, Kevin Drumm & Thomas Ankersmit, Kindvriendelijk, King Dude, Klaus Beyer, Kongh, Kool Thing, Kyst, Laatste Halte, Lärm, Le Syndicat, Lecherous Gaze, Let's Wrestle, Liam Noble, Library Tapes, Light Bearer, Lightning Dust, Limewax, Little Scream, Loefah, Loud Squirt, Lustmord, Main, Man From The South, Man Man, Maruta, Matanza, Mater Suspiria Vision, Mats Gustafsson, Matthew Shipp, Megafaun, Meneo, Mick Flower, Mind over Mirrors, Miracle Fortress, Monachus, Moon & Sun, Mose Giganticus, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mueran Humanos, Munchi, Muthoni The Drummer Queen, My Disco, Nadar, Nadja, Natural Snow Buildings, New YX, No Turning Back, Noise from the Grave, Norberto Lobo, Nosaj Thing, Oathbreaker, Obliteration, Oliver Cole, Omar Souleyman, Oneman, Pariso, Peter Broderick, Peter J Taylor, Picastro, Pinkunoizu, Planks, Plinth, Pollutive Static, Preliminary Saturation, Process Rebel, Puzzle Muteson, Rainbow Arabia, Randy Barracuda, Rats On Rafts, ReAcct, Rem Koolhaus, Richie Dagger, Rivulets, Ronald Diaz, Rubik, Ruisgenoot, Run With The Hunted, Safari Park, Sam Amidon, Santiago Lascurain, Schnaak, Screaming Females, Shawn Reynaldo, Silkie, SJ Esau, Sleep Party People, Space Dimension Controller, Spilt Milk, Stalag 17, Stephan Mathieu and Jozef van Wissem, Steve Ignorant, Carol & Peter, Steve Rutta / X Plastaz, Strange Fruit, Sump, Sylvain Chauveau, Talking To Turtles, Terracota Gate, Terzij de Horde, The Chase Club, The Cravats, The Doozer, The Fall, The Fresh & Onlys, The Joyous Cosmology, The Kids, The Oscillation, The Queers, The Show is the Rainbow, The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society, The War On Drugs, Theo Parrish, This Frontier Needs Heroes, This Routine Is Hell, Thought Forms, Touchy Mob, Trial, True Champions Ride On Speed, True Deep, Tweak Bird, uiuiui koo, Unholy Analog Noisemachine, Untold, Vakantie, Videomit, Warm Climate, Wheels On Fire, Will Samson, Wooden Shjips, Wormrot, Woud, Yob, Zachary Cale, Zoviet France, Zuur79, Open Source Radio