Byblos, Lebanon

The ancient city of Phoenicia, near Beirut.


Byblos port - Youmna Habbouche

They say it's the oldest city in Lebanon. Even one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with remains of civilizations dating from about 5000BC.

The city was the principal city of Phoenicia and an important seaport during the 2nd millennium BC, when it exported cedar and other woods to Egypt. The name Byblos, applied by the Greeks to papyrus, which they imported from Byblos, is the source of the word Bible. Gebal was the biblical name for the city; the Book of Ezekiel (see 27:9) mentions the maritime pursuits of its inhabitants. The city of Byblos is now occupied by a Lebanese village called Jubayl.

Source: Galen R. Frysinger website

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