Jolanda Brouwer

Artist, painter


Jolanda Brouwer -

I am Jolanda Brouwer, born in Utrecht - The Netherlands in 1971. I studied Drawing and Expressive Art at the Higher Vocational School of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I traveled over the world the last 15 years, based in Amsterdam. I decided to live in Le Lavancher and later Les Bois, two amazing hamlets in Chamonix Mont Blanc, France to make a new Art collection.

I focus my expressive work on the natural world, inspired by the shapes and colours of the valley. I would love to promote Art in Chamonix and my own work and meet you all.


Contact information

  • Jolanda Brouwer
  • 12 Passage des Mottets
  • 74400
  • Chamonix
  • FR