Contemporary Culture in Bolivia

esART is a non-profit organisation committed to furthering the development and foreign promotion of the contemporary visual artists living in Bolivia. It strives to correct the inaccurately portrayed international image, and show the world the diversity that exists in the country. While looking for recognition of our artists, it hopes to stimulate the contemporary culture of the country.


"Miedo" by Guiomar Mesa. - Image taken from: Travel NY Times. Miguel Herrera

Bolivia has a traditionally rich culture with little international recognition due to the unfortunate lack of adequate public policies for culture. Fundaci—n esART attempts to fill the cultural policies missing in art promotion, research and diffusion. The soul of each of its project is to work in favour of a social minority. The general public thinks of artists as privileged elite while the factual truth is that artists in an underdeveloped country are an excluded minority. The Foundation therefore strives to improve the rights of the artists with communicational support, as well as with windows for exhibiting their production and creativity, so that they can improve their situation with their own artistic creations. It therefore endeavours to improve their opportunities in a sustainable way, through appropriate connections to enable the construction of a virtual circle of connections, information, educational support, as well as sustainable relationships with the cultural markets. It tries to help artists help themselves: bringing them information and support to unite through diversity, with solidarity across borders, and giving them as much equality of opportunities as possible.

Fundacion esART has evolved into an internationally recognised entity and in Bolivia is known as the sole institution that seriously looks for international opportunities for the artists. It has worked with and represented more artists than any other institution in Bolivia, giving each a special opportunity. It is the only true connection between the majority of the artists and the outside world.

Source: Text provided by Patricia Toridor.

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