The National Ethnography and Folklore Museum

The National Ethnography and Folklore Museum (MUSEF), is a non-profit institution committed to the "Lively Bolivian Cultures" found on the rural areas and urban centers distinctively separated by ethnic peculiarities and regional variants.


MUSEF's Facade - Image taken from: MUSEF

MUSEF is trying to set Bolivia as a place in where cultural diversity can freely express itself to generate intercultural exchange and where diversity turns out to be the strength of the country.

By generating and by being part of an active dialogue and cultural encounters of the "Lively Cultures from Bolivia" MUSEF looks out to construct an intercultural platform with respect and adaptation to other cultures as the core values of all its activities.

For more information about MUSEF (in Spanish only) visit the website.

Source: MUSEF.

Contact information

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  • La Paz
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