Cinemateca Boliviana

Enhancing audiovisual language

The Bolivian Cinemateca is a cultural institution created with the purpose to preserve the Bolivian heritage concerning "images in movement" by promoting research, diffusion, and promoting education to all the audiences.


Cinemateca Boliviana - Image taken from: Skycrapercity.

The 3 main working areas are:

1. Rescue, recovery and conservation of the Bolivian film archive
2. Research & Education
3. Public exhibition & education

The Objectives of the Bolivian cinemateca are:

1. Recovery, preservation, and diffusion from the cinematic Bolivian heritage
2. Selection and diffusion of Universal Cinema
3. Diffusion of Cinema Classics
4. Educate the audience up to a critical level
5. Special interest is being put to children & teenage education
6. To store the most documentation concerned with the cinematic experience and its social effects

For more information (in Spanish only) go to the website.

Source: Cinemateca Boliviana.

Contact information

  • Cinemateca Boliviana
  • Calle Oscar Soria
  • 9933
  • La Paz
  • BO