Milano Artist Run Space


Mars - Sabine Delafon

Opens in Milan a new reality throughout ARTIST RUN SPACE run by artists and addressed to an audience curious to know more intimately "engines" of contemporary art. In the space of about twenty area Pasteur young Italian artists are added on Lorenza Boisi original idea of starting a timetable for performance events, exhibitions and art on the model of self-managed popular European reality.

In a non-profit perspective and free from coercion speculative, concept and market, MARS will open its business on 3 December with the presentation of the project and Publishing MARS. This will be followed at a very fast programming, providing space for a week to Each of twenty participants.

MARS wants to establish itself outside of the usual schemes, as a separate project deeply and comparison between a heterogeneous and diverse group of professional staff in the field of visual arts.

Lorenza Boisi, in drafting the first letter of invitation to artists, eligible to informal "manifesto" of the MARS has circumstances that the choice of artists is not to call for curatorial intent, but a call was made to persons known a personal or professional. The organization hopes that the second edition of MARS s' will force a turn over of the artists at least partially.

MARS is an incident like that wanted a physical space, and above all a project in itself that decides not organic structure, keeping a calendar that can respond progressively to the needs of various artistic participants. In fact: each of the 20 artists has a calendar week in which use of space.
MARS is revealed thus as potential box, as white cube but aesthetically defective container so well that diversity is broadening its admixture and a great energy boost creativity.

The new space will open its doors in Via Guido Guinizelli 6 on 3 December; on that occasion will also present the edition MARS, a joint project of the participants in a limited edition, its sale will be finalized to the grant of the project.

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