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Dopolavoro black logo - Sabine Delafon

Dopolavoro’s foundations stem from the promotion and support of famous and emerging international artists through the hosting of exhibitions and art collectives. Dopolavoro’s objective is to become an artistic platform which offers these talents the opportunity to reach Milan in a free manner, releasing them from the obligations often linked to art galleries and commercial spaces.

Dopolavoro undergoes a new interpretation everytime a different artist passes through it, transforming itself into a true “living gallery” where visitors can experience a visual and emotional approach by creating a contact with the artists and their work. The project focuses on creativity and on a large spectrum of the artistic scene which proposes liberation, youth and freshness, offering the public as well as the market, a cutting-edge taste.

Dopolavoro is born and fed as a non-commercial space, where the concept of art gallery merges into an experimental platform through the association of images, visibility and relations. Amongst this objective, the project also aspires towards a higher range of public such as can be art collectors and connoisseurs in order to guarantee the sale of the artist’s pieces.

The translation of Dopolavoro is: after work. The concept behind it stems from the notion of extracurricular groups founded by workers who wanted a post-job alternative in the first part of 1900. These entertaining initiatives were meant to represent a delightful diversion sought to increase their own personal pleasure after a hard day of work.

The contemporary intention of Dopolavoro is to generate a cultural metaphor as opposed to the classic version of a hobby. As said before; stimulus, imagination, new artistic proposals and enriching activities for brave and open-minded personalities capable of delineating unconventional solutions for freedom of expression, are at the basis.

The manifesto, especially designed to describe this movement in literary terms, perfectly encompasses the whole idea, mood and style that Dopolavoro wants to comunicate and bring to people’s attention.

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