Massimo Alba

An office project, a charming story in a personal store


Massimo Alba jacket and Sabine Delafon four-leaf clover | via Corsico,8 | 2009 - Sabine Delafon

A woman, a man, a child, a home. A shared ambiance. Unique design and pieces. Domestic objects, objects of love. A project-collection hallmarked on the left arm, at heart-height. It is a sign which appears, but is not defined. A tangible or sometimes invisible presence which embraces those sharing habits and tastes. The familiarity of those belonging to and the affinity of those resembling each other. Like others, but different from all others. Single pieces. Garments expressing what one is becoming, or what one is. Generative asymmetries.

Intuitive memories. A tribal, modern sign relating to the made by hand and made in Italy. Assonances, consonances, similarities. Experimentation and tradition. Material generously flowing to become form, product, garments, a collection. Exclusive yarns and colors. Contiguity without contrast. Sliding. Mimesis. Matching. Overlapping of materials and stylistic codes. The extraordinary revealed in the ordinary.

Massimo Alba’s collection for women, men and children is created in Milan and New York. The garments and accessories are hand-made in specialised artisan workshops in Italy. The Donna, uomo e bambino collection, designed for consumers seeking a cosmopolitan attitude and invisible luxury, is available in selected points of sale.

Text by Simona Segre Reinach

Contact information

  • Massimo Alba
  • Via Corsico, 8
  • Milano
  • IT