Lisa Roberts


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I am the co-director of Blink with Andrew Wilson.

Blink is an interaction design and research organisation working across the culture, technology and commercial sectors. We develop unique products, and services.

Blink design interactions and work at the intersection between art and technology, research and commerce.We are a small, agile company working at the centre of a network of specialists and regular collaborators including Bluetooth specialists, software programmers, games designers and hardware hackers.

Dedicated to creating unique events and platforms for creative participation and use technology as a creative tool, especially mobile phones, we provide simple, graceful solutions which enable more people to get involved.

Since 2000 our pioneering work and research has helped us provide the best solutions and guarantee quality consultancy for our clients and collaborators.

Working with people in different fields we have an excellent track record of working with banks, local authorities, national newspapers, art galleries, transport companies, schools, universities, health care professionals, heritage sector, community groups and advertising agencies among many others.

Blink welcomes R&D activities and product development ventures.Please contact Blink for detailed information and collaboration possibilities.

Together we can create something brand new.

Contact information

  • Lisa Roberts
  • Blink, Floor 5
  • HD1 6QT
  • Huddersfield
  • UK