Alternative Art Space

One of the few alternative spaces still active in the Taipei metropolitan area


ITPARK 20 years-old - Foto:!6746D65BF1FC1C56!5267.entry Kai-Ting Lin

Extracted from the article written by Lien Teh-Cheng (連德誠), published in 1993, translated from Chinese.

"Alternative space" is an exotic term, which provides an alternative exhibition space for art, and indirectly stiumulating the function of art being autonomous. In recent years, Taiwan has begun to appear similar alternative spaces; however, whether it is another "migration of culture", or it will be able to take root and eventually blossom?

Extracted from the reportage by Ericamigo Wu (吳垠慧), published in 2008, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ITPARK, translated from Chinese.

In 1988, in order to find a fixed place for gatherings and exhibition, artist Chin-Tang Lui (劉慶堂), Tsong Pu (莊普), Hui-Qiao Chen (陳慧嶠), Wen-Hao Huang (黃文浩) and others found the site where it's currently located and took its root since then. It was named after the small park next to the street Yi-Tong.

Although ITPARK attracted many artists in this assembly, but the main operating cost was taken over by Chin-Tang Lui, Hui-Qiao Chen volunteered for the administrative matters, Chuang Pu was responsible for assisting the operation. Hui-Qiao Chen said: "At first we did not want to take the system of membership for it will have the problems of rights and obligations, therefore, ITPARK is operated based on the invitation.

WIth "Yi-Tong Big Three" 's non-reimbursable assistance for twenty years, nowadays, ITPARK is not only the location frequented by Taiwan's contemporary artists, but also a 'must-visit' for foreign artists and curators when visit Taiwan as they are able to collect important documentations for Taiwanese contemporary art. In 2002 ITPARK was invited for Gwangju Biennale held in South Korea as a recognition.

The greatest contribution of ITPARK is to provide a place for Taiwan's young, and avant-garde debut artists, such as artists Ya-Hui Wang (王雅慧) and Dong-Lu Hong (洪東祿), both of them dedicated their debut show to the ITPARK.

Contact information

  • 41, 2fl YiTong St.
  • 10486
  • Taipei
  • TW