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HPIM0304.JPG - vast 600m2 space with losts of daylight in an old industrial heritage building, a former cigar factory ARTIS Den Bosch

Artis is an artist run space. In the early eighties of the previous century an artistic community led by the artists and squatters in 's-Hertogenbosch developed room for experiment by organising a number of exhibitions and cross diciplinary performances.

In 1985 Artis was acknowledged legal status and was housed with help of the local government in a former cigar factory of the industrial era, near the central railway station in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Artis has a monumental, six hundred square metre exhibition space at its disposal, the most conspicuous feature of which is a grid of wrought iron pillars. Artis is run by artists. The organization consists of a small permanent team including an artistic, and an administrative director. Artistically Artis is determined in consultation with a think tank, whose membership changes regularly.


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