An Atlas of Radical Cartography

Opening & A Mapping Forum

14 Feb 2009
22 Mar 2009
  • Casco
  • Nieuwekade 213-215, Utrecht

Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory is pleased to present ‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’ from 15 February till 22 March 2009. Along with the opening, A Mapping Forum takes place on Saturday 14 February from 17:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs with presentations, lectures, and discussions by co-initiator & organizer Lize Mogel, project contributors Andreas Müller, Philippe Rekacewicz, Marion von Osten (Labor k3000), and political economist Massimo de Angelis. An intermittent workshop for drawing subjective maps on the global economic crisis is also planned during the Forum.


Partial view of A World Map in which we Ashley Hunt @ Casco . -

‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’ makes its premise on undermining the claim of mapping as an objective representation of the world. Instead, the project understands mapping as a tool for reconstructing our society and political sphere against the dominant pictures of the world that are often represented or made invisible by “falsographers” (Olivier Rolin). In this radical cartography converge diverse practices such as art, critical theories, architectural & graphic designs and activism, share interests in re-mapping the world collectively.

‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’ was initiated and convened as a publication of ten maps together with ten accompanying essays by New York-based artists Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat. As a traveling exhibition, it was called in and reset anew at several institutes in the United States. Casco, the first European venue for ‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’, expands the existing map collections to include the maps focusing on the European context. Altogether fourteen maps are collected and presented at Casco. Those maps take on a range of pressing social and political issues from globalization and economic inequity to diverse urban concerns, in the process creating new imaginary territories and anticipating possible actions.

Contributors & List of Maps

- An Architektur with - Geography of the Fürth Departure Center
- Bureau d’Etudes - World Government
- The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) - New York City Garbage Machine
- Jacqueline Goss - There There Square
- & Indymedia Estrecho - The Critical Cartography of the Straits of Gibraltar - Ashley Hunt - A World Map: in which we see...
- Institute for Applied Autonomy with Site-R - Routes of Least Surveillance
- Labor k3000 in collaboration with TRANSIT MIGRATION – MigMap – Governing Europe. Mapping European Politics on Migration
- Pedro Lasch - Guias de Ruta / Route Guides
- Lize Mogel - From South to North
- Trevor Paglen & John Emerson - Rendition Flights 2001-2006
- Philippe Rekacewicz - The Big Wheel
- Brooke Singer - The US Oil Fix
- Jane Tsong - The Los Angeles water cycle: the way it is, not the way it should be and one day will be
- Unnayan - Chetla Lock Gate, Marginal Land Settlement in Calcutta, 1984

The book

An Atlas of Radical Cartography - Opening & A Mapping Forum 14/02 17:00
Lize Mogel & Alexis Bagat
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The exhibition

The exhibition runs from 15/02 until 22/03/09 at Casco. The opening & A Mapping Forum takes place on Saturday 14 February at 17:00 hrs.

Forum programme
Welcome & Introduction by Lize Mogel and Binna Choi
17:15-18:15 Lecture and discussion with Massimo de Angelis for new mapping initiative ‘Our Economies’
18:15-18:30 Break
Presentations by the contributors to ‘An Atlas of Radical Cartography’
18:30-18:50 Lize Mogel (co-organizer)
18:50-19:20 Andreas Müller (An Architektur)
19:20-19:40 Marion von Osten (Labor k3000)
19:40-20:00 Philippe Rekacewicz
20:00-- Exhibition on view & drinks

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