Arduino Basics Workshop February 2014

Tickets are €125,- incl VAT. Freelancers, students and employees of cultural organizations get a 30% discount. Use the discount code "c-korting" if this applies to you.

Arduino kit

For this workshop you need some Arduino gear and the Arduino software. You can download the software here.

If you don't have any hardware or the Arduino itself, you can get fantastic kits online at Antratek. The most complete kit is the Arduino Inventors Kit, but if you are on a tight budget the Redboard kit is fine as well. Please make sure you have the kit before the workshop starts, as we don't have / sell kits here at Mediamatic.

If you already have an Arduino then please make sure you have (most) of these parts. Antratek also sells loose parts. Here is a list of all the parts you need. Radio Rotor, Hecke and Muco in Amsterdam also sell parts. If there is a specific sensor or actuator you would like to use during the workshop, we advise you to bring it yourself.

Don't forget your laptop!