Troublemakers kick-off meeting

Collecting, scrutinizing and reframing urgent matters for feminism at the intertices between art and academia.

28 Jun 2009

Troublemakers is a richly variegated research platform on feminism at the intersection of academia, artistic practice and social issues. For many researchers, artists, critics and curators, feminism is a recurrent theme, which is constantly challenged and investigated in texts, discussions, exhibitions and artistic practice. Feminism however also raises numerous questions as to what it once was, its current value and potential for the future. Troublemakers is devoted to reframing feminism, starting in the Netherlands and looking beyond.

On 28 June 2009 we will launch the Troublemakers project with a kick-off meeting in the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem. In this meeting we will map current research that is pertinent to our sub-issues. We will present our questions to a diverse range of researchers, artists, curators and critics (m/f) in order to finetune the Troublemakers agenda. For more information and registration, see


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