Listen to the rapidly growing Pumpkins/ Pumpkin Horror Award 2009

29 Aug 2009
31 Oct 2009

Maximizing the Audience 2/ ESKIMO FILMGROUP preparation of Halloween.
Performers: Pumpkin one and his Assistant: Pumpkin two. Vinyl Longplay music by Pumpkin Three. In the Halloween mind of Bjork Gudmundsdottir

October 31 2009 will at this creepy end of " COME ON PUMPKIN", the Pumpkin Horror Award 2009 awarded. All members of the Eskimo Film Group may make a selection of the nominees.

The nominees are:

Peter R. de Vries,

Geert Wilders,

Rudolf Steiner,

Bicycle lampje,

Economic Boom,

Turkish Shared Room,

Anti Porno Law

Interim Art Management


Sanddman Zakken


The prize will be a GOLDEN pumpkin seed, for reproduction of many Creeps.

you are very very welcome. at 10 pm and please dress weird clothes!!


Pumpkin1, Pumpkin2 and our musical pumpkin, Pumpkin3


pumkin1.jpg - Raymond Mirrer