Book: Rudolf Frieling, Wulf Herzogenrath 1 Jan 2006

40 Jahre Videokunst / Teil1

Digitales Erbe: Videokunst in Deutschland von 1963 bis heute

This publication offers a comprehensive overview on historical as well as current tendencies in Video Art, including the early beginnings in film and television and featuring fifty-nine individual art works produced in Germany.

The catalogue is accompanied by a DVD-ROM with excerpts of all works and additional material related to the context of the artists' work. Texts by historians, curators, and philosophers reflect on historical and theoretical reviews of current strategies involving moving images, also including issues of the presentation, conservation, and restoration of Video Art.

The essays in the book are by Dieter Daniels, Rudolf Frieling, Boris Groys, Wulf Herzogenrath, Hans Dieter Huber, Sabine Maria Schmidt, and texts on individual works by Rosanne Altstatt, Georg Elben, Christiane Fricke, Rudolf Frieling, Sabine Himmelsbach, Barbara John, Katrin Kaschadt, Doris Krystof, Matthias Mühling, Anja Osswald, Sabine Maria Schmidt, Tina Schulz, Jeanette Stoschek and Antonia Ulrich.

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