Marque Pierre Sondergaard


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Started out in investment banking (wanted to impress a posh girl), made the great, quit for a semi-pro snowboarding+modelling career. Wound up broke, and got a job as a project manager in marketing. From there I moved on to try other areas of project management as well as accounting and corporate finance. Started a few companies in the process. That was all a bit of a detour.

Studied games art and design for the career path I never dared take when I left school, and it is all good. I am deeply fascinated by (among many things) texture work and level design for use in narrative.

My core skills are creativity, entreneurial aptitude, strategic thinking, huge knowledge base (polymath style) and being able to rally people around a vivid vision.

My goals: As the next generation of games development professionals, we have a responsibility of correcting the business model of the games developer as well as taking games into the true mainstream. I am going to play my part.

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Contact information

  • Marque Pierre Sondergaard
  • 37 The Cornfields
  • HP1 1UA
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • UK