Open Knowledge Sessions

Get inspiration or technical help for your own creative projects, and share your tinker tricks with others.

Enlarge - Rick Companje

TOKO is a knowledge sharing community, set up around a series of open workshops in the field of art and technology.

For each TOKO a topic is set and speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experience in that field. As a location we choose the workshop of one of the participants. Everybody is welcome and everybody should share the knowledge they have, which doesn’t mean you have to know a lot to join. However, if you let us know the topics about which you know something, we’ll ask you to teach (part of) a TOKO next time.

We are not a funded organisation. We ask you to make a donation for the food we cook and for what the knowledge you have gained from the workshop is worth to you.

TOKO was initiated by Rick Companje, Diana Wildschut and Harmen Zijp.

Contact information

  • Kleine Koppel 40
  • 3812 PH
  • Amersfoort
  • NL