For God's Sake!

9th International Pixxelpoint New Media Art Festival in Slovenia

5 Dec 2008
12 Dec 2008

Whether we like it or not, spirituality has shaped the evolution of the media, and in turn has been amply influenced by it. Contemporary artistic projects have raised these issues on many occasions, exploring technological fetishism, the oracular nature of the internet, the fideistic attitude we have towards the media and the evangelizing bent of those who produce them. This art often takes a critical approach, but also looks for an authentic vehicle of spirituality in the media. Taking this as its theme, Pixxelpoint 2008 addresses saints and heretics alike, looking for projects which explore the relationship between media and spirituality at a key point in human history, a time of civilization clashes and neocon upsurges, apocalyptic nightmares and hopes for a new enlightenment.


Pixxelpoint 2009 -

'How the media change the way we imagine / represent / honour / curse the divinity'

Pixxelpoint is one of the most successful and renowned festivals of new media art in Slovenia and also abroad. Its purpose is firstly, to bring the information technology and new media art closer to the general public, and secondly, to raise awareness about a different potential to use computer among the young. The exhibition of new media art projects, as the central event of the festival will be mounted at City Gallery Nova Gorica but will include also other locations (Mostovna, Kulturni dom Gorica (Italy) and DAMS (Italy)), also included will be a symposium on the given topic, as well as workshops run by guest-lecturers. Accompanying activities will include numerous concerts by well-known music performers.

Workshops by Etoy and Mylicon/EN, a DJ set with Roli, Gogo and Krle and Martin Butler's Girlfriend Experience, previously featured at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

Pixxelpoint takes place from December 5, 2008 until December 12, 2008 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. For information on all events, visit the Pixxelpoint website.