Wikipedia conference

Critical Point Of View

26 Mar 2010
27 Mar 2010

It would be no exaggeration to state that Wikipedia is at the brink of becoming the de facto global reference of dynamic knowledge. The highly visible clashes amongst opinion leaders, university professors, Web 2.0 ‘evangelists’ and publishers over accuracy, anonymity, trust, vandalism and expertise only seem to fuel further growth of Wikipedia and its user base. In this respect, what does it mean to now say that Wikipedia has become “mainstream”?


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Radical Wiki(pedia) critique: As well as providing a general overview of the topics to come, and with an emphasis on diverse global approaches, the aim here is develop concepts that could be used in further research and that could fit into larger projects about Internet culture and the critique of the free and open. Is it possible to develop a counter-hegemony of critical practices that is situated in the midst of technological cultures? What kind of critical lessons does Wikipedia provide in the face of overwhelming Web 2.0 hype and peer-to-peer utopianism? How can a radical Wikipedia critique be developed that does not present itself as the cynical ‘I told you so’-outsider or mimic the neoconservatist position of Andrew Keen? What kind of insight can Wikipedia offer with regard to the continuing tension between knowledge and information?

Moderator: Geert Lovink (NL)

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