Organization: 1 Jan 2002

Captain Video

video collective

Captain Video is a collective aimed at live video performances and making films and videoproductions.


Stills from GyroPaint - GyroPaint is an iPhone app that allows you to make 3D-drawings wherever you are. A project by Captain Video . Stills taken from their website. Captain Video

Apart from being veejays, Captain Video members are working as 3D animator, editor, graphic designer, director and multimedia designer. A great number of projects has sprung from the collaboration of Captain Video members ranging from independent short films, videoclips and live video for theater and dance to leaders, bumpers and program design for Dutch television.

Captain Video has performed with many well known deejays and bands like Leftfield, Quazar, Junkie XL, Human Beings, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Headdrillaz, Fatboy Slim, Frankie D, Per, Angelo, Steffi, Eddy de Clerq, Lady Aida en Depth Charge.


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