Marathon of New Dutch Cinema

Short films, food and yoga

30 Aug 2013
31 Aug 2013

Calling all cultural troopers: from 23:30 on August 30 to 11:00 the following morning, we are celebrating new Dutch short film. With musical interludes, a yoga session, and of course a proper breakfast. Join us! Entrance with a valid Mediamatic membership (€5 for 4 weeks).


Mickey Hoyle delivered an 'historical' and inspired speech on behalf of de Kring - Picture found on the Facebook page of Shortcutz Amsterdam .


23:30 - Doors open. DJ Miss Shortcut will provide you with some bouncy electro swing to release energy before sitting down to the films, and to help you regain your energy during the breaks.

23:59 - DJ Rocky Marsiano will play a live soundtrack to the most-seen short film in the world, Luis Buñuel's and Salvador Dalí's 'Un Chien Andalou'. How will different music change our perception of the film?

00:15 - 02:15 - First round of shorts from new Dutch filmmakers (English subtitles provided all night)

02:15 - 03:15 - Break

03:15 - 05:15 - Second round of shorts

05:15 - 06:15 - Break

06:15 - 08:15 - Third round of shorts

08:15 - 10:00 - Yoga by Els Engel. Get rid of your numb limbs!

10:00 - 11:00 - Breakfast

*Snacks and drinks can be purchased all night long

Selection of films by Shortcutz Amsterdam

Tenchikaibyaku | Chris Rudz
Code A1 | Rolf van Eijk
Sorry | Jeroen Houben
Ulrich | Vanessa Abajo Perez
Connected | Sanne Kortooms
1974 | Katelijne Schrama
To the End of the Road | Eva Zanen
Surprise in Amsterdam Red Light District | Marlijn Franken
Exorsister | Tom Titulaer
SEC | Tom Titulaer
Stupid Monkey | Marlyn Spaaij
Closing Time | Brain de Vore
Viktor Pinto’s fall from grace | Joost Reijmers & Thomas van der Ree
Jan's Mom | Anneloor van Heemstra
A life in a Night | Albert Hofman
Flirt | Gabriel Bauer
12th of Never | Fadi Hindash
Drag Junky | Gabriel Bauer
In a rush | Tim Terhorst & Bobbie Roelofs
Orde | Niels Bourgonje

Selection of films by EYE

Elephant Feet | Dan Geesin
Motor | Simone Bennett
Nation for Two | Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler
#29 | José Miguel Biscaya
Crosscuts | Tijmen Hauer & Regina Kelaita
Dolls vs Dictators | Martha Colburn
Lighthouse | Wouter Venema
Order of Service | Henk Otte
Percolate Feelings | Yael Assaf
Tampopo Head and the Name of the Dogs | Thomas Vroege & Manu Tau & Toshie Takeuchi
Tape Generations | Johan Rijpma
Tamino | Eveline Ketterings
Sutrapeze | Pim Zwier
7 Peaks | Anna Abrahams
We lived our ordinary lives | Daya Cahen
Jolanda 23 | Pim Zwier

More information

Address: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Shortcutz Amsterdam offers established and beginning Dutch filmmakers a stage to promote their work. Find out more here. You can join Shortcutz Amsterdam for free every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm at de Kring, restarting from the summer break on September 3.