Mata Hari / Rooms of Red Bull

Rooms of Red Bull is located at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 24. Until the end of August, it’s opened for public every Sunday between 12.00 and 22.00, and everybody is welcome for an inspiring day full of music, expositions and workshops.

Rooms of Red Bull is a 600 square meter creative hub in the midst of the Amsterdam Red Light District. This is where young creative people will meet, and be able to use the in-house facilities to be inspired, to create, and to ultimately expose their creations. In other words: a place that will stimulate your mind. Until the end of August there will be workshops, and lectures on various subjects in the fields of art, photography and music. Between June and the end of August the rooms will be buzzing with a unique kind of energy. The kind of vibe you get when young people share there passion for aesthetics and sounds.

Contact information

  • Mata Hari / Rooms of Red Bull
  • Oudezijds achterburg wal 24
  • Amsterdam
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