Staging Cities

Staging cities experiments with new ways of staging public issues.

Staging cities assembles conversations between experts and non experts by adressing the most exciting urban issues by a collective building process of characters and scenarios called “chatheater.”


Teatro do chat main assembly hall. - Teatro do chat. VI Bienal do Mercosul. Porto Alegre, RS. Brazil

How to do politics about what is non predictable…?
Connectivity is what fuels staging cities to gather groups interested to participate in potentially hazardous conversations “staging cities” specializes in exploring conflictive situations and detecting hot spots in cities using the “chatheater” device to research for potential scenarios. Trough producing in advance further connections, an exploring hidden and sometimes obvious possibilities, develops publicity and collects information where can emerge conflictive situations to be "chatted"...
To “stage” means for the chatheater to assembly a collective literary and visual process. This implies the gathering of people by many different levels of association that requires teaming and exploring group’s dynamics.
So, in this way, the chatheater conduces a staging process, where to simulate the public is also a provocation. By staging characters of public interest and make them acting in simulation processes, the chatheater builds up an artificially “de facto” representation. Chatheater gives to their characters a virtual and exploratory mandate that influxes a public process. Which thinks the collective about these actors? What the participants think trough the point of view of the many actors involved in the scenario?
The chatheater acts in this way, as a simulation of a democratic representation.

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