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Anna Wachtmeister - Me dressed up in Kurdish dress for a picnic celebrating the arrival of spring 2009 Anna Wachtmeister

Travel Agent based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

(1979) Reflecting on unchecked and post-conflict urban development and my passion to alleviate urban poverty has taken me from working various stint at architectural offices in Europe at Behnisch in Stuttgart and in small independent architecture practices in the UK and Italy; to urban practitioner at the UN-HABITAT in Nairobi and the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas run by GTZ in the slums of Cairo, Art and Research Director at the Urban-Think Tank in Caracas and currently as Community Coordinator for the Swedish NGO Qandil in Iraqi Kurdistan. I received a Bsc in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture and a MA in Architecture from the Sheffield School of Architecture, both UK.

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