Catwalk not just for models

Show yourself to the world

4 Oct 2008
4 Oct 2008

A playful way to learn how to work with your body and your looks. This training was for everyone who wants to show the world who they are. Including a fan for that extra effect...


Catwalk training - Van 18 juli t/m september 2008. Bijna wekelijks een catwalk trainingen met model Kim Vos. Een speelse manier om te leren werken met je lijf en looks. Niet voor modellen, maar voor alle andere mensen die het ook belangrijk vinden om te laten zien wie ze zijn. Na een analyse hoe je beweegt ga je oefenen op de catwalk en maak je met je ikTag filmpjes.


Catwalk Training

Ex-model Kim Vos taught those present to take a good look at themselves with a specific interest on how you present yourself to the world.

People were taught a few good-to-knows about themselves: how to walk gracefully, what is the best way to stand up straight, how to look and get noticed and of course how to work your charisma. After the analysis of the use of your body, all workshop participants went on to practice on the catwalk.

Everyone was of course dressed in their own ikikik! outfits.

This event took place on the catwalk of the exhibition IkIkIk at Mediamatic BANK.