Michèle Champagne

Head Honcho at That New Design Smell


Michèle Champagne - Michèle Champagne

In 2011, I graduated from the Design Department of Rietveld Academie's Sandberg Institute. My tutors included Daniël van der Velden, Rob Schröder, Nina Folkersma and Max Bruinsma.

As part of my thesis project, I launched That New Design Smell, a critical design magazine based on dialogue. It experiments with open content, where criticism engages with an online public. Dialogue is then edited into a printed magazine you can hold in your hands.

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In 2009, I consulted with Mediamatic on visual identity, typography, interface and exhibition design for Mediamatic Travel, an open source travel network for creatives.

Properties font became the identity for Mediamatic Travel. Properties is the result of experiments with Typogeography, a strategy for site-specific identity.

Typogeography was largely inspired by Jane Jacobs' urban planning theory in The Death and Life of Great American Cities.