Lost Angels

The quest to save Utopia

A pioneering mobile attempt from artists Matthew Jarvis & Jim Prevett.


lost%20angels%20main.jpg - Photograph by Shaun Bloodworth

Lost Angels is a cross-platform game pitching human kindness against bad news. Quirky virtual-pet style “characters” on your mobile phone challenge your reaction to the unpredictability of live global events: You literally play against the world’s news. Operating at the boundaries of gaming, technology and social networks Lost Angels brings an experience that will entice whatever your technical and gaming ability.

Players become involved in the networked game by adopting an ‘Angel’ onto their phone. Each Angel supports a God who is adversely affected by negative stories reported in global news. By playing games you feed the God energy whilst incoming bad news drains the Gods of energy. A car bomb could spell disaster for the Goddess of Travel Safety unless the Angels and their protectors can fight back with fun and kindness. To do this you must engage in individual, one to one, group and collective gaming.

By using some of the latest developments in data communication Lost Angels will give the opportunity for players to play simple games against each other where ever they are in the world. It is a playful aggregation system providing useful information while amusing players both online and through their mobile device. The Lost Angels idea is just one possible ‘skin’ to the overarching idea of interconnected cross-network gaming. With our game framework we could replace the entire story with another.

The Lost Angels Team are now working in partnership with design team Tado who have been creating great little characters for the game and have commissioned Tuna Technologies to deliver the mobile application and Neil Jenkins from Futherfield to assist in the development of the server and web interaction.