Syntens Regio West

Stichting Syntens, a consultancy for creative entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, employees a staff of 400 in various locations across three regions. The foundation offers approximately 20,000 consultations and 1,000 workshops a year.

Syntens stimulates successful innovation and consolidates the innovative strength of enterprise in the Netherlands and thereby contributes to sustainable growth.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is Syntens’ biggest client, which means that the foundation’s services can be provided to entrepreneurs free of charge and without support from commercial partners.

Syntens collaborates closely with partners such as SenterNovem, EVD, OCNL, regional development corporations, chambers of commerce, industry organisations and knowledge institutions.

Work method
Syntens helps entrepreneurs to innovate better, sooner and faster. The services provided by Syntens help companies to manage innovation more effectively by providing advice on setting up innovation projects, as well as cross-company issues such as strategy, mission and innovative strength.
Syntens helps companies to start innovation earlier. Syntens helps the SME (Small and Medium-size Enterprise) gain access to ideas by, for example, organising seminars and by putting SME companies in contact with other companies.

Syntens also helps companies realize their innovation projects in shorter time spans, i.e. faster, by, for example, bringing them into contact with suitable knowledge providers such as universities of professional education, the TNO and commercial service providers.

How does Syntens operate?
Syntens provides short interventions at the right moments during the span of the renewal process. The intervention could consist of advice, meetings, clusters and/or referrals. Syntens is a first-line consultancy that refers the entrepreneur to other consultants, companies and knowledge institutions. To that end, it makes available a maximum of 16 consultancy hours per company.

Contact information

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