Lidewy Isings

360 degree storytelling

Crossmedia format producer, consultant & development in Switzerland. Always scouting for innovative cross media formats, owner of Crystal Clear Productions, blogger of passions. A vast and cutting-edge experience with audience interaction and cross-over format design: Radio <-> (IP)TV <-> Web <-> Mobile <-> Print media <-> user generated content.

Current projects:

*- crossmedia production funded by the Swiss technical institute in cooperation with the Zurich university of the arts in which the 4 screens (TV, PC, Mobile and Game consoles) are included to take the audience beyond the separation of screens. Additional financing comes from an innovative crossmedial advertising and sponsoring format coupled with viral marketing.

**- creating and producing the crossmedia layer for an english language animation film with a global theatre release planned for Xmas 08.

***- managing a start-up for 360 degree global Organisations (e.g. NGO's, global impact events) platform that combines the structured content from the producer with the unstructured content from a global audience, even under extreme conditions.