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Joost de Leij (Maastricht, 1982) studied Business Adminstration and Marketing, graduating in 2006 with a specialisation in Art and Advertising. Nowadays his companies Red Revolver and Limelights Photography are blending Art and Advertising using Photography and Social Media as main tools.


- Rooms of Red Bull // Project Manager (2009)
Creative Factory in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.
Managed the transformation of an old casino into a creative playground for artists, musicians and photographers. Organised among others events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and parties. For an overview go to or read this article in the New York Times:

- Red Bull 5 Pics // Project Manager (2009)
Online photography competition challenging contestants to show the best of themselves in a series of 5 pictures. Inspiration was provided on the website and by a series of workshops. 10 contestants where selected by a jury for a photography weekend with masterclasses and workshops by among others Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Playboy and Zoom Magazine.

- Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam // Member Foam_Lab (2008)
Foam_Lab organised events and exhibitions in order to make the museum more dynamic and attractive for young people. Events evolved around photography, fashion and music.

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