Mathias J. Holzmann

Mathias is a 22 year old free thinker and entrepreneur, who co-founded the catalyst and network for young individuals play & build. Furthermore, he is an evangelist for a number of other projects and co-founder of strawberryfrog, an Internet technology start-up.

He studied Law and Philosophy in the Netherlands and in Germany, with a focus on Art Law, Cultural Policy and 20th century philosophy. Already during his studies he was engaged in a number of NGO´s and student initiatives and worked on building a background in Internet technology start-ups. In addition to that he also worked in private equity and energy projects, such as on the topic of the European CO2 Emissions scheme post 2012.

Currently his passion is to work on play & build, a global network and incubator, which connects young engaged and ambitious individuals worldwide and across all disciplines. He and his co-founders are driven by the desire to connect young entrepreneurial individuals worldwide, across all disciplines, cultures and social backgrounds to foster their potential and to collaboratively work on disruptive ideas. play & build provides an environment where these abstract thoughts can develop, grow into tangible ideas and are ultimately turned into disruptive and meaningful business models, both profit and non-profit.
The open sourcing of ideas plays a great role within the incubator, as Mathias and his fellow founders see open source as the foundation of innovative processes and the future economic system.

Feinvisuals, one of the projects of the incubator, which Mathias co-founded, is currently in the development stage and aims to offer a marketplace for vector illustrations and a hub for creative professionals, implementing an innovative user interface and visual search in conjunction with semantic search technologies.
The platform will be launched at the end of 2008.

Mathias loves controversial discussions, good food, travelling and adventures.


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