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Portuguese Artist/Photographer

I'm a typical "portuense" my home city, i always expressed a interest of arts since i was 5, studied arts in highschool, jazz in my teens (Jazz school of Porto) and photography and fine arts (intermedia) in College, Porto's Higher Education School of Arts (ESAP- Escola Superior Artística do Porto) graduating in Intermedia (Fine Arts) and a bachelor on Photography. Currently i maintain a freelance way of life. When i can i teach Visual arts, and photography. I'm interested in contemporany arts, I have a specialization in artistic interventions on public spaces, a post-graduate course that gave me the chance to meet and learn with portugal's most notorious and respected artists, critics, journalists and thinker's. I'm part of the second "interferências" in Porto, a cultural activity created in Barcelona by Juan Eduardo Lopez. And i continually work in colaboration with friends, colleagues ands profissionals in different project where Art has a place. I love learning new things and passionate thrive for knowledge. I think "Man" is richier when he is a multicultural being. And believe art is life. I hope you can write me and exchange ideas and work in the future...i'll be waiting.

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