MASS interactive installation

Julio Soto and Scott Petill

11 Dec 2008
11 Dec 2008
  • Impakt
  • Lauwerecht 10, Utrecht

In November and December Julio Soto (Spain) and Scott Petill (US) were resident artists at Impakt. Together they worked on the development of their interactive project MASS. The installation explores group behavior and dynamics based on the interactions between humans and a community of computer generated, artificially intelligent avatars. Over the course of time, evolutionary changes in the avatars will result from their interactions with each other as well as with visitors to the installation. Will they evolve into aggressive, irrational beings or will they become more peaceful?


MASS van Julio Soto en Scott Petill bij Impakt . -

With MASS, there is no attempt to merge the virtual and the real worlds but to exploit the division through confrontation; reminding us that while we may connect to this other world, it is at best only a mirror to ourselves revealed through the expression of our most elementary emotions and instincts.

The presentation of MASS forms part of an evening organized by Impakt in collaboration with z25, the Utrecht-based development institute for Arts & New Media. At this evening, z25 will also present its project Retyping Dante, and Impakt and z25 will launch an expert meeting for the Utrecht New Media Sector.

Date: 11 December 2008, 20.00 hours
Location: Impakt Headquarters. Lauwerecht 10, Utrecht
Reservations: and by telephone at +31 (0)30 -2944493.
The evening, including the expert meeting, will be accessible free of charge.