Ariane Le Couteur


"... to sew the world together with a bridge"

Some bridges in the world played a symbolic role because of the events connected to them and now stand as great testaments of our 20th century history.

The purpose of this project is :
- Connect people on each part of these bridges and observe the repercussions of the events on daily life for those who up to today are the witnesses or the actors.
- Explore how to manage to live together again after such history traumatisms.

The choosen bridges are : the Glienecker bridge in Berlin, the Pettus in Selma, the bridge of Miracles in Salvador, the Hong Bien in Hanoï, the Vrbanja bridge in Sarajevo, and the Allenby bridge in Cisjordan. These six bridges are unique reminders of the course of contemporary history. They bear witness to the struggle for voting rights among minorities in America, for re-unification in Berlin, for independence in Hanoi, for tolerance in Sarajevo, for fraternity in Salvador, and for freedom in Jericho.
Our goal is to situate this meeting place where individual stories and collective history come together, to interject the past into the present.

For this project we are researching individuals, groups, institutions, medias, that deal with related subject. And we are looking for personnal story tellings.
One of the point is to be able to be found on the net by those who might be interested in the project.
We can imagine a forum platform, a dedicated website on the net to collect personnal stories (through writings, photos, videos). Using Google Map could be useful.
And we are going to produce a TV documentary series for international broadcasters.

We might include user generated content as sequences coming from a pre-production shooting we have made in Selma (Alabama) in 2004.
We have also the possibility to use some part of the text we wrote for the TV documentary series project. The visual content has to be find.


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