Rosa Kieft

Add a new colleague in Stager

This is the Stager manual to explain step by step what to do when there is a new addition to the Mediamatic team


Screen Shot Stager employee details - what boxes to tick when adding a new colleague in Stager

Hello newest addition to the team

When someone starts a job or internship at Mediamatic they will receive a mail from the Office Manager in which the person will be asked to create a Stager profile.
Note: If they already have one from buying a ticket for an event before, scroll down to Contact Information.

Then what

You log in with your Stager User account (administrator account). Look-up the new colleague with the search tool, click to open their details. You will see their info.

Personal Details

Fill in the following info:
- name, if it's someone new working in the office you need to add 'V -' in front of the firstname, if it's an new intern you need to add 'S -' in front of the firstname, and if it's a new ETEN employee please put 'F -' in front of the firstname.
- organization (Mediamatic)
- department (exhibition/aquaponics/communication etc.)
- the job description ('intern' when it's an intern)

Contact Information

Fill in the second e-mail address with the Mediamatic e-mail. Then tick the 'primary' box for the Mediamatic e-mail.


Relation types: tick 'intern' or 'employee'


Tick the following boxes: ticket sales, AV support, Cleaning schedule, host weekday, host weekend, bar shift, event assistant


Screen Shot from Stager - The subscriptions for colleagues

One last thing: the subscriptions

Go to the top of the profile page. Click the tab 'subscriptions'.
This is where you can create the staff and guest tickets for people working at Mediamatic.
Everyone gets 1 staff ticket per event, and 1 guest ticket per event. Fill in the starting and end date according someones period of internship.