Odorama: The Aroma Lab Edition

Thursday March 9th. 20:00

The art of extracting scents is a delicate one. Which molecules will come out as victors in the battle of distillation, and which ones will be lost in the process? At Odorama: The Aroma Lab Edition scientist dr. Peter Roessingh, olfactory artist Klara Ravat, master student of Theoretical Physics Abel Jansma and the founders of RUIK will tell all about the structures of scents and how to capture them through different techniques. This evening also marks the preview of our very own Aroma Lab which is made by Klara Ravat in collaboration with Mediamatic.

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Distilling the scent of leaves - Olfactory artist Klara Ravat gave a workshop on how to distill the scent of Amsterdam. Klara Ravat, Margherita Soldati


Dr. Peter Roessingh - Professor at University of Amsterdam

Will talk about the principle of gas chromatography, an analytical chemical method for separating chemical substances in scents.

Klara Ravat - Olfactory artist

Shall discuss her media and artworks in which she investigates the relation between scents and memories.

Abel Jansma - MA Theoretical Physics at University of Amsterdam

Will focus on vacuum distillation to conserve a richer spectrum of aromas.

RUIK - Handmade plant based perfumes
Boye and Noëlle of RUIK, known for their Dam square Christmas tree project, are going talk about the creation of perfumes by using organic waste material as base.

To give shape to their words, the speakers will provide various aromas that can be experienced by the public.

The Aroma Lab preview

During this Odorama there will be a preview of the Aroma Lab. This is an DIY scent lab built by Klara Ravat with Mediamatic in relation to her one year artist-in-residence, for which she was invited by VU university, Waag Society and Mediamatic. Visitors with tickets can get a free drink at this preview during the break.


Odorama: The Aroma Lab Edition
Thursday March 9, 20:00

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Students €5,- / Pre-sale €7,50 / Regular €10,-
Preceding the event you can eat and drink at Mediamatic ETEN.
Image credits: The Scent of Amsterdam - Klara Ravat. Photograph by Marghertia Soldati.

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