Door opening App

How to open the sliding door

The sliding electrical front door, on the Street side / at the Aroma Lab, can be opened in several ways:

  1. With the automatic movement detector according to the settings on the panel in the corridor
  2. With the one-time opening button in the hall
  3. With a button on a web page
    To be able to open the door through the web page, you have to log into the wifi "mediamatic" (not guest!). You can also do that when you are in front of the building. You will get sone security warning that you can ignore. Then you can log in with your normal pasword (same as for server and mail). You will see a single button: tap/click it and the door should open.

  4. By calling +31202613484 with a phone that is on the list.

If the door does not open


You have to reset the Arduino using the physical Reset Button (See added image), the small black button.

How change who gets in and who not

1. You can open the door using the webpage where all the people who are Mediamatic user of google calendar can log in, using the same info as you use to get to your Mediamatic google calendar. There is no separate way of managing this list.

2. You can call the door using your phone. Phone numbers can be added or removed from the list.
Marco Wessel knows how to do this.

Technical history

The Arduino hardware system for connecting the phone system to the door system is in the server room.

This system is developed by former employee Marco Wessel who now works at Driebit. You can contact him best trough sms to (nul)(zes) 52 61 44 03

Later Saro Van Cleynenbreugel moved the module to the 'server room' into the former Nedap power unit (used for the former RFID door opening system).

If you open this box you can find the Arduino running the software for the internet door opening.
Please make sure there's always a plastic wrapper around the module, to prohibit the whole thing from short circuiting.